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jeudi 24 mai 2012

MARVEL ANNOUNCES ‘X-MEN’s’ GAY WEDDING: Does this mean mainstream comics are ‘evolving’?

MARVEL COMICS today has just confirmed the wedding that was as publicly rumored in geek circles as Mark Zuckerberg’s nuptials were secret:

Northstar, Marvel’s first gay superhero, will marry his beloved Kyle in next month’s “Astonishing X-Men #51,” the publisher announced. Among fans, the mutant Canadian crimefighter’s trip to the altar had been anticipated for weeks.

The announcement of Northstar’s June wedding was formally made late Tuesday morning on ABC’s chat show “The View”; Disney is the parent company of both ABC and Marvel.

“At Marvel, we try to make our stories reflective of the world around us, in all its complexity,” Marvel’s Tom Brevoort, the project’s editor, tells Comic Riffs. “And given that so many of our heroes have made Manhattan their home, the things that affect New York City affect our characters.

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