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jeudi 31 mai 2012

Do Female Journalists Have a Confidence Problem?

Every couple of weeks another report comes out with a new statistic that demonstrates what we should all know by now: women writers are not being published as often as men. Except, of course, in certain areas of journalism, the "pink" ones, like service and food and style. Generally this information is met with discontent. And if women are being prevented from succeeding in such areas, it should be.

The problem is, it's more complicated than that, and maybe we're not exactly sure what the problem is—or, at least, it's not just one thing in particular. A recent look at the ASME winners, the majority of whom were men (especially in the "hard-hitting" areas of writing and reporting) led to some nuanced discussion of the issue, including a conversation between ASME head Sid Holt and Mother Jones editors Clara Jeffrey and Monika Bauerlain. Previously, VIDA compiled charts showing the breakdown of female versus male bylines at an array of national magazines; more recently, the Op-Ed Project published the results of their 3 year survey of op-ed bylines as divided by gender. It's not really a surprise that in both cases men continue to dominate the bylines, though the Op-Ed Project's report does cite improvement, particularly in new media, in the last six years since The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz and the L.A. Times' James Rainey looked at byline equity in 2005.

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