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jeudi 1 mars 2012

A Nation Divided: Can We Agree On Anything?

Like baseballs in a batting cage, the controversies that divide us just keep on coming. Fast and unpredictable.

Last month it was the flap over the Susan G. Komen foundation and its move to cut financial support of Planned Parenthood. The resulting imbroglio dredged up deeply held convictions among Americans about women's health issues and "cause marketing" that, in this case, has resulted in profits for companies promoting breast cancer awareness and research through pink and omnipresent product tie-ins.

This month it's the Girl Scouts. Bob Morris, a state representative in Indiana, has created a kerfuffle by denouncing the Girl Scouts organization for "sexualizing young girls." The campfire-building, cookie-selling sorority, he wrote in a letter to his state Legislature, "has been subverted in the name of liberal progressive politics and the destruction of traditional American family values."

Next month it could be church bells, butterflies or baseball. There's just no telling.

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